Saturday, May 5, 2012

Conclusion of Group Work

Neptune, and its moon TritonThe group I was a part of, The Psychotic Salmon Berzerkers, was a fantastic one. Terri Wagner, Joseph Thornton, Kellen Bramlett, and I worked together very well, whether it was face to face or over the many different connectivity tools we used over the internet.

For our first non-face to face project, we used Team Viewer 7. For our second - The 'How to Survive EDM310' video - we used Google Docs. Through email, we decided what we wanted to do, and using Google Docs, we put together a script that everyone liked.

These tools worked flawlessly. Even the smallest nuance of comedy could be conveyed over them. It was strange working without actually meeting face to face, but all of these programs worked well in representing a good atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie.

No problems arose - partly because of how well we worked together already, as well as how efficient the tools we used were.

A copy of the 'How to Survive EDM310' script can be found here: Students vs. EDM310

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