Sunday, April 15, 2012

Progress Report on Collaborative Project 15

A salmon with a warhammer and a viking hat: the psychotic salmon berzerkers logo
Project 15 Progress

My group, the Psychotic Salmon Berzerkers, is doing our project on Cell Processes as per the Mobile County Pacing Guidelines for Secondary Education.

Our method of  communication has been email and TeamViewer 7. We've so far had 2 group meetings.

For our first group meeting, we decided on what we would be doing our SMARTBoard project on, as well as figuring out subjects for each group member to concentrate on. The general layout of the video was also discussed (such as when each person's segments will be).

The second group meeting was further elaboration on the order of each segment in the videos, and Project 16 was briefly discussed.

I will be doing my segments on Matthias Jakob Schleiden, Theodor Schwann, and eukaryotic cells.

Look for the finished video in the near future!

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