Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K April Summary

The earth and moon, from outer space
 This month, EDM310 students participated in the World Blog Challenge. We blogged on posts from around the world (and here in the US).

My first Comment 4 Kids for the World Blog Challenge was on Eric's Blog. I actually included this post in my C4K summary for March (since part of the week it was assigned fell within that month), so you can find that post here.

Since Eric didn't post again after my initial comment, I was assigned to comment on Cory's Blog. His post centered around his home in Vermont, and he makes Vermont sound wonderful. He also talks about a tree house he's been working on. In my reply, I told him about Alabama, and how it seems much different than Vermont - instead of mountainous terrain, southern Alabama has featureless flatness. I also mention how much I wanted a tree house when I was younger - it's one of the things I always wanted when I was younger, but never had. I ended with words to motivate him to post more, because the more you blog, the better you become at it.

In my last World Blog Challenge post, Emily lists 'Ten things you don't know about me'. She talks about where she's lived, her love for turtles, her family, and her hobbies. My reply talked about a turtle I used to have, named Gordon. I also talk about my favorite hobby - working on cars. I mentioned this because one of her hobbies was building things out of wood, and in a way, building things of any type is similar, even though the process may be different.

My final C4K was on 'Paige's Weekend Story!', a short video of a young student talking about what she did the past weekend. It was great seeing such a young person using technology so well! She talked about riding bikes with her cousin, and how much fun it was being around her family. In my reply, I said that I too enjoy bicycles; I also said how great her video was and that she should keep making videos, because practice makes perfect!

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