Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Assignment 13

A television with static
In this blog post, we were tasked with going 24 consecutive hours without using any electronic devices whatsoever, in an attempt to see just how much technology affects our lives, be it in a positive way or a negative way.

Let me start by saying that I was doomed from the beginning. Every single time I'd start by turning all of my things off. As the day would go on, I would go to those items and turn them on to see what I had missed (a practice that I normally do throughout a regular day; I'd check my phone for calls, turn on the computer to see if any important emails had come through, and a few times I slipped up and turned on the Playstation right after getting in from class or running errands). I'd try to make myself stop, but the impulse to do those actions is so well ingrained in me that it's as if I had no control over myself, and would do them automatically. My brain didn't want me to go without those stimuli for more than a short time, and so by the time I even remembered what I was supposed to be doing, it was too late.

I am so used to having constant digital stimulation, it's as if I can't go without it. I'm so used to being bombarded with large quantities of information that to turn that steady flow off makes me feel like I'm missing everything important in the world (although that's surely not the case).

Perhaps the media has a small part in why I feel this way. Day in and day out, we're reminded that to have electronics to use, and to have a way to stay always-connected is a desirable thing.
The thing is, having all of the information we could possibly want at our fingertips dulls the experience of the real world. That slow, steadily paced, natural thing we call life is just not fast enough to meet the needs we've built up over years of technology's use.

As students enter the classroom in a hyper-stimulated state, it may be difficult to appeal to them by following 'Standard' classroom procedure. Since we can't necessarily modify how they interact with technology outside of the classroom, we'll have to modify how we present our information within the classroom. Students will be living lives full of technology, and a large part of being successful in the classroom will be utilizing technology and their acclimation to it.

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