Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project 10 PLN Progress Report


As a member of EDM310, it's fair to say that everything we've been doing thus far is geared towards connecting us to each other and the global learning community in order to help us excel when we become teachers. Everyone I've worked with so far in EDM310 has knowledge on things that I do not, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask them questions, or answer theirs.

I'm still working on utilizing Skype and Twitter in a more substantial way. As of yet, Skype hasn't really come into play with my contact with others, but Twitter has been a great place to find interesting people who specialize in areas that interest me. As my research ramps up into various fields later in my college career, Twitter will be a great way to follow those with insight relevant to the topic at hand.

The many teachers I've spoken with are people I feel can impart knowledge to me, as well. As the front-runners in modernizing the classroom, they know what works - so I'll hopefully be able to use their knowledge (and formulate my own to distribute) later on in life.

My PLN is just beginning to grow, and it will never cease growing. The amount of connections people make with others grow organically since people are generally always encountering other people or their works as they go through life. I'll keep working on it, but it will never truly be complete.

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