Wednesday, March 28, 2012

C4K Summary for March

The bow of the Titanic as it sits on the sea floor
Louie and Klaudia's 'The Titanic Spider'

In this blog post, two students aimed at hitting a 105 word limit while using specific words set forth in a challenge their class participated in. They wrote a short but fun narrative of the tragic voyage of a spider aboard the Titanic. They hit every requirement dead on, and aside from some spelling and punctuation mistakes, did a great job of completing the 100 Word Challenge set before them.

Five F-15 Jets flying in a V formation, blotting out the sun
Eric's Blog

In Eric's post, he talks about two things he wants to learn to do - to be great at math, and to fly a plane. For me, the first goal is just as lofty as the second - math is probably the subject I'm worst at. Anyhow, I told Eric that with work and perseverance, he could attain his goals.

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