Saturday, March 3, 2012

C4K Summary for February

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Nathan's Blog

Nathan is a student of Mr. Chamberlain's at Noel Elementary in Noel, Missouri, and the post I commented on regarded his thoughts towards two other posts. His first comment was in regards to a post which talks about a class in which each student has a say in what projects they do, as well as how they spend their time on those projects. Nathan said he liked to be independent, but sometimes got overwhelmed. I think this applies to many people - having many tasks to do and plan for can be hard, but by planning for those things and being under pressure, each person learns to deal with that pressure in their own way. I gave him some advice - make a list and do things one step at a time, and you can make it through anything!

His second comment dealt with Procrastination and Mistakes, and how he feels that sometimes he procrastinates to the point where he feels he doesn't have enough time to complete his project. This, again, concerns good time management - a skill that should continually be honed and practiced. Good time management is key for people of all ages. More often than not, I hear about fellow college students cramming for a test into the early hours of morning or starting and hurriedly completing a project that's due the following day - something that could have been prevented had good study habits and time management skills been established and practiced in the years leading up to their college careers.

Hoien's Blog

Hoien's post was all about the British Virgin Islands. I have never been there, nor have I even looked into it, so it was good to get some information on the Islands. I had some difficulty finding a central blog for the entire class (as in, the blog that outlines what's happening in the class) but it appears that each entry in the students' blogs are based on a certain theme (such as hobbies and places), but each non-personal blog posts varies. Hoien has actually been to the British Virgin Islands, which is amazing! Traveling can be alot of fun, and can broaden horizons of students as they experience different places and cultures.

Alex's Blog

Alex is a student of Mrs. Garcia at Mary Montgomery School in Manitoba, Canada, and maintains a blog for Mrs. Garcia's class. The post I commented on talked about their experience using Skype to talk with people in Louisiana about Mardi Gras. The person they Skyped told them all about Mardi Gras - the floats, the beads, the fun... It's amazing how interconnected the world is now! Since so many things can be shared across vast distances, it truly is a small world after all.

Jolly Rancher LOVER's Blog

My final C4K was on Jolly Rancher Lover's Blog. JRL is a student of Mrs. Michelle Te Grootenhuis's 5th grade class at Hospers Elementary school in Iowa. In this post, the student writes a persuasive letter to his parents, in an attempt to get them to take him to New York City. It's very well written, and JRL raised alot of good points - it would be fun, it would let them get away from work and worries, and they could just relax and spend time together. Hopefully it will be enough to earn them the trip!

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  1. Maybe we can find someone who will read our letters as to why we should be sent to the British Virgin Islands. All the students and staff of EDM310. We'll get Hoien to help us!