Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blog Assignment 7

A network of people
The Networked Student

The Networked Student, by Wendy Drexler, is a video about a student and his Personal Learning Network (PLN). In this video, the student uses his own research and the research of others to spread and gain knowledge by utilizing social networking tools such as Twitter, Skype, and Wikis.

This mirrors what's happening right now in EDM310. As we observe and learn from others - people in our PLN - we, in turn, spread that knowledge by posting it on our blogs. This will be beneficial in the future as well, as we become educators and share information with one another to better ourselves and our teaching methods. An added benefit of this is that as these ideas get spread from place to place through PLNs, a type of uniformity will exist, and education will continue to advance.

Creating a PLN and becoming connected with others takes time and work. Researching, verifying, and disseminating knowledge is not an easy task - but you get out what you put in. Everyone has different focuses and specialties, but by putting forth the effort and making that knowledge available to others, you can make lasting connections that will benefit all parties involved.

Personal Learning Environment

In this video, the student talks about how she's organized relevant links and sources into one convenient place in order to help her learn and complete objectives. She has the freedom to complete those objectives any way she sees fit - and so by compiling all those resources into one place, it makes it easy for her to do any task. She also contributes to others' learning by posting her findings on networking sites.

Her PLE and my PLN seem very different. Firstly, hers is FAR more organized than mine. I need to work to make mine as utilitarian as hers - having all my resources in one place would definitely benefit me. Her PLE is also spread among different resources - people and information sites - whereas mine consists mostly of people. It really highlights the shortcomings in my PLN, so I definitely see myself overhauling how I keep track of my PLN, and what it consists of, in the near future.


  1. Daniel,
    Great post! I was reading something the other day that stated the statistics of how long it used to take to gather information whereas now, well, it takes no time at all to know a lot more than you ever wanted to know about something. It is impossible to be completely ignorant, but is possible to be ignorant of the significance of technology, safety on the web, and how to remain organized. This is where the teacher comes in. That was my favorite part of the video.
    Also, regrading your PLN, keep on trying! I remember watching this video and thinking it looked so easy and when I set out trying to make mine as "utilitarian" as you called it, I came up short. It is impressive that someone so young can be so organized and make such use of resources! I have to keep this in mind when thinking of what adolescents and teenagers are capable of technologically.
    Keep up the good work thinking and writing!

  2. Daniel, your blog was written very well. I have the same opinion about the PLN and how hers was more developed and organized then mine. Have no fear, it will all come together in a matter of time. You are most definitely dead on when you said creating a PLN and becoming connected takes time and work. A lot of time and hard work is what I feel when I think of this class and these assignments. Anything we do can become a lifelong task whether it be tweeting to another educator, following other blogs and giving feedback on what you find. That is the beauty of technology, it is never ending and continues to grow. I sometimes think of it as a bad thing though because it seems as if the time in a day is getting shorter.
    Great job on your post, you seem like you have the main idea of the importance of a PLN, keep it up!