Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Comments For Teachers #1

An apple

Aviva Dunsiger is a Grade 1/2 Teacher at Ancaster Meadow School in Ontario, Canada. Her Blog, A Primary Blog for the 21st Century, chronicles her 21st century teaching methods (such as using SMARTboards and other technology to facilitate learning), as well as her students' responses to those methods. Here are two posts which I found very interesting.

When Incredible Happens

In this post, Mrs. Dunsiger posits a question to her students about varying shapes, and how they might possibly create other shapes with pattern blocks the teacher supplied, and what ensued was unexpected. Her students came up with an answer to her question that she herself hadn't considered! In the video in which she was asking her students about the shape they had made (and whether or not that shape would work as part of a duck made of geometric shapes), her students showed impressive reasoning skills.

A 21st Century Fluencies Approach to Art

In this post, the idea was to have partners use technology(such as Google) to research and build a puppet for a reading of "The Little Red Hen". By having her students use Google to research their characters from the book, her students gain knowledge as "Digital Citizens" according to Fluency21, which promotes mastery of information gathering, problem solving, collaberation, media, and creativity.

By focusing on and utilizing technology in the classroom, Mrs. Dunsiger has created an effective learning environment for her students.

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