Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Project 5: Google Presentation


  1. You really get around, don't you? You've been in the army, gone to Germany, joined the S2000 club, been in a Jazz Band, done archaeological work--basically, you're amazing. I've always wanted to go to Germany--even took a German class in high school, though I was (and am) rubbish at it. Do you speak any? How was the archaeology work? I was considering that for a while when deciding my major.

    Though it's a bit late to say, hope you enjoy South, glad to have you, etc.

  2. Well, living on the military post created a pretty big barrier against cultural immersion, so I learned just enough German to ask for specific items and if the other person spoke English. Archaeology work is incredible fun. If you want to do volunteer work, just email George Shorter with this link and tell him you're interested in archaeology and he'll set you up with newsletters about volunteer dig days at Old St. Stephens.