Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Assignment 1

About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Coker, and I am part of the Spring 2012 semester of EDM310 at University of South Alabama. I'm a native to the Mobile area - I was born in Fairhope on December 1st, 1986. I was raised with two other siblings - my sister, Sarah, and brother, Kenneth - who are both older than myself. Until I was 18 I lived in Spanish Fort, and after graduating from Daphne High School, I enlisted in the Army. I was stationed in Germany for a little less than a year before being honorably discharged. When I returned home, I spent a few years working aimlessly at a catering company - until one day, I met someone who made me realize that I have great potential, and I began my college career at Faulkner State. I didn't make the decision to become a teacher until I was a year into college, and initially I wanted to teach history. After taking a few Biology classes, I found that although history is good, science, for me, is far better - and when it was time, I transferred to South Alabama.

When I'm not in class or working part time at Pottery Barn, I enjoy a few different activities, depending on my mood. I enjoy reading, sports, and video games - among other things - and my favorite past-time of all is Autocross. Autocross is essentially racing around a cone-outlined course, one car at a time, to try and get the best lap time - and it's even sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America. It's been a long time since I've gone, though... the choice between buying new tires or having food to eat was a hard decision (more so than you might think!) but in the end, reason won out.

Racing around a course in my two seat convertible.
Going around a course in my Honda S2000. I've since sold the car pictured

I also dabble in music - I've played trombone for over 14 years. I played for the Faulkner State Jazz Band for a short while, but I just don't have the time to play now that I'm so busy at South.

My trombone and I after a jazz concert.
Me, after one of many concerts the Faulkner State Jazz Band played on the Eastern Shore.

Well, that's all that comes to mind... Now on to other things!

What I learned from 'Randy Pausch on Time Management'
Most people know what it's like to wait until the last minute to complete a task, and with that procrastination, the stress that a possibly missed deadline imposes. After viewing Randy Pausch on Time Management, I've learned a few points to help alleviate that stress. Firstly, to keep from wasting or losing time, you should evaluate that time as you would any commodity (Dr. Pausch likens time to money) - and as such, try and use that time as efficiently as you can. Secondly, recognizing the relevance of tasks in our day to day lives will allow us to determine what is and isn't important, so that we can keep minor things from interfering with more pressing or urgent things. Thirdly, mistakes can and will sometimes happen - and that's okay. Experience gained from those mistakes can be very valuable!  Additionally, planning is of the utmost importance - but rigid planning might keep you from 'going with the flow' whenever a wrench gets thrown into your plans. Be flexible! Things won't always go your way, so having a way to deal with problems without disrupting your whole schedule will keep you from being overly stressed when the time comes. Lastly, step-by-step to do lists can make even daunting tasks manageable. And do the worst thing (you know, the thing you probably want to do the least) first, and it can only get better from there! Dr. Pausch said it best when he said, "If you have to eat a frog, don't spend a lot of time looking at it first - and if you have to eat three, eat the big one first!"

Dr. Randy Pausch was a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He passed away July 25th, 2008. You can learn more about Dr. Pausch on his webpage:  
Dr. Randy Pausch's Webpage


  1. This is a test. It should be sent to your Gmail address and to automatically. Thanks for starting early!

  2. Tires or food. What a choice.

    You looked up Dr. Pausch. Great! You will watch his Last lecture later in the course.